Brihaspati technology’s covipro gadget

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Brihaspati technology has trotted out a new gadget to make these unrestricted days better and named it as COVIPRO. The managing director of Brihaspathi solutions Rajashekar Papolu while describing the peculiarities of the gadget said that it records the temperature of the users, provides automated hand sanitizer and works as a UV disinfectant.

This device is a kiosk related solution, when a person reaches the COVIPRO it measures the temperature of the user by a medical-grade temperature scanner if the temperature is atypical the device captures the photograph of that person and send it to the control room if the temperature is typical then it authorizes the person to sanitize by an automated hand sanitizer pump and enables the person to place his possessions in the UV disinfectant chamber.

The managing director of the Bhrihaspathi said that their company presently manufacturing round 400 devices a day and they are trying to implement this in the health care departments, some cooperative banks, and the gadget costs 45000 with a structure of 18.5 LED monitor.

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