Why Vaikunta Ekadashi is special out of 24 Ekadashi's

Why Vaikunta Ekadashi is special out of 24 Ekadashi’s

To the devotees of Lord Vishnu, the day Ekadashi (specially Vaikunta Ekadashi) is a very auspicious day. Devotees observe fast on every Ekadashi to get free from their sins and gain moksha. Spiritually, Ekadashi is a symbol of eleven sense organs comprising five sense organs, five moving organs, and one mind. People observe fast on […]

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Brihaspati technology’s covipro gadget

Brihaspati technology has trotted out a new gadget to make these unrestricted days better and named it as COVIPRO. The managing director of Brihaspathi solutions Rajashekar Papolu while describing the peculiarities of the gadget said that it records the temperature of the users, provides automated hand sanitizer and works as a UV disinfectant. This device […]

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