COVID-19 effect on entrance exams

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic situation the central government has decided to conduct the entrance exams. For that suitable measures have been taken by the government. As the entrance exams such as JEE mains, EAMCET exams are started from September first week onwards, this year many of the students are not willing to attend the exams.

Compare to the previous years the student attendance in the entrance exams has been decreasing due to the pandemic in 2020. Only 86 percent of students were able to attend the EAMCET exam conducted on 9th September in Telangana. Parents are more careful about their children’s lives than entrance exams, moreover most of the autonomous engineering colleges offering seats based on intermediate final exam marks.

But officials of government are saying, we are taking careful measures towards COVID-19 but few students are not able to attend the exam due to several reasons including their health condition. Not only in Telangana but also in every state parents are not interested to take risks on their children’s health.

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