Shivansh Watching News Sunday Fun at Home RGV Tweets TV9 News

Shivansh Watching News | Sunday Fun | RGV Tweets | TV9 Telugu

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This video is about Shivansh’s funny behavior this Sunday morning. He wanted to go out for roaming but the door was locked. He is trying hard to open it but has not succeeded.

Suddenly he heard TV sound and returned to watch his baby songs like the baby shark, a for apple and b for ball, rhymes, etc and other movie songs like Sarnga dariya, Raavana from Jai Lava Kusha, Life of Ram, Om Namo Shiva Rudraya from Khaleja, Namo Namo Shankara, Aigiri Nandini, Rama Lali, Rama Rama Rama, etc.

But he is disappointed because there was a news channel playing. Anyhow, he is watching the TV9 Telugu Live channel.

There is news about Corona and soldiers (Jawans), he found interesting and seriously watching the news and playing with his bike. He wanted to do gymnastics like soldiers and tried to stand on his bike.

There are no breaks, suddenly the bike moved in the opposite direction to Shivansh.

He was not able to balance it and slipped. Then after 5 minutes, suddenly there was news about RGV Tweets and he stopped crying and watching TV.

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